CONDOMINIUM IN KREUZBERG: Sweet Home in the Vicinity of Landwehrkanal

Kreuzberg: Buying a Condominium in One of Berlin’s Trendiest Districts

Kreuzberg has always been a source of inspiration and a liberal way of life. Free spirits, intellectuals, bohemians, families and people from all over the world have found a welcoming, open-minded environment in Kreuzberg. While Kreuzberg marked the periphery of West-Berlin in the days of the Berlin Wall, it now lies in the very heart of the city. Yet it has remained a metropolis in microcosm with its motley cultural spectrum and rich night life. As pacesetter for trends, home base for innovators and start-ups, destination of choice for new arrivals and the go-to attraction for tourists, Kreuzberg has been subject to a brisk-paced upward dynamic in recent years. This is unsurprising insofar as it is simply a great place to live, oscillating between the western part that is defined by Belle Époque buildings, the sprawling Park am Gleisdreieck, the high-street pitch around Bergmannstrasse—Kreuzberg’s idea of a boulevard—and the exciting, bubbly area on the north bank of Landwehrkanal between Moritzplatz and Görlitzer Park.

Buying a Condominium Near Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg

Kreuzberg is not just synonymous with culture and diversity but also with scenic urbanity. Along the banks of Landwehrkanal, water, Belle Époque façades and plenty of greenery come together to form a unique atmosphere. A few minutes of walking will take you from your condominium on Johanniterstrasse to the almost maritime ambience along the canal. Large panoramic windows make a visit to the restaurant boat that is firmly anchored at Urbanhafen a very special event. But you will also find numerous other fine restaurants here, lining the bank like pearls on a string and creating a rich gastronomic diversity.

Bolstering Your Retirement Plan with a Condo in Coveted Kreuzberg

The neighbourhood on the north bank of Landwehrkanal is one of the most attractive locations in the hip district of Kreuzberg. It is in this scenic setting that you will find the house at Johanniterstrasse 3-6. There are so many amazing spots here, waiting to be discovered:

One is the public outdoor swimming pool colloquially called “Prinzenbad”, the perfect place for refreshing dips during the summer months. Just a stone’s throw away from it lies Böcklerpark with its green areas and playgrounds. And it is safe to say that the diversity and open-mindedness of the quarter welcomes locals as much as new arrivals and the young as much as elderly people. Thus, the outlook for owning a condominium in Kreuzberg is rosy because the demand for homes anywhere in the borough of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg has exceeded supply for years.

Sought-After Location Combined with Clever Layout Solutions

The six-storey building offers a variety of layout solutions so as to accommodate different lifestyles. Owing to the attractive location and a choice of different dwelling sizes, the house on Johanniterstrasse in Kreuzberg qualifies as new home for couples, families and singles but also as a rock-solid investment into your own future.

The UNIQ project, which forms a horseshoe when seen from a birds’ eye perspective, uses a compelling language of form. The building’s exterior will soon shine with its new bright colour scheme and façade design. The purist-classic design plan underlines its urban quality of living. The same clarity and lightness continue inside the building. All of the flats come with balconies that may serve as small green sanctuaries for small breaks from your humdrum routines. The high level of liveability is topped off with the old-growth trees in the pretty courtyard.

UNIQ combines a high location quality with dwelling sizes that are very much in demand: The studio flats provide bright, well-proportioned feel-good accommodation on 41 to 57 square metres. Couples, families and anyone craving more open area will find an adequate amount of floor space in the 2- and 3-bedroom flats, which range from 62 to 119 square metres. The attic units yet to be developed will represent a particular highlight, not least because residents of the recessed storey will have a spectacular view from the roof terraces of their flats. Amenities like a lift, car parking spot and bicycle parking spaces ensure that UNIQ residents remain mobile. The youngest residents, meanwhile, have the newly created playground to romp around on and to let their imagination run wild.

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