CONDOMINIUM IN KREUZBERG: High Liveability in Scenic Kreuzberg

Living on Johanniterstrasse – Urban Liveability in Sought Location

If you are looking for a place to relax around Johanniterstrasse, you won’t have far to go. The charming area between the UNIQ building complex and the north bank of Landwehrkanal includes a green expanse that features a playground and trails great for running along the canal on Carl-Herz-Ufer. From here, it is only a stone’s throw to the greenery of Böcklerpark across Baerwaldbrücke and to the public outdoor swimming pool locally known as “Prinzenbad.”

The almost maritime ambience of the quarter surrounding the condominiums on Johanniterstrasse and Brachvogelstrasse will amaze you. The banks of Landwehrkanal and Urbanhafen are lined with restaurants like pearls on a string. Having your home at the UNIQ thus implies great recreational benefits and ideal conditions for achieving a sound work-life balance.

Homeownership in Kreuzberg, with a Quasi-Maritime Ambience at Your Doorstep

Nothing prepares you for a country cottage type of experience in the middle of the city, yet you will find it at the canalside inn of Altes Zollhaus in Kreuzberg. The half-timbered house was originally built as depot of Berlin’s municipal sanitation service but has lately become a fine-dining restaurant featuring regional cuisine. A charming beer garden right by the canal is part of it while directly next to it lies a miniature golf course that is worth a separate trip.

For fresh seafood, seasonal delicacies and enchanting light reflections on the water, as seen through the panoramic windows, visit the restaurant boat that is anchored at Urbanhafen, a former inland port. Aside from the ship’s quaint atmosphere, the short walk to it is a treat in itself that will let you forget your quotidian cares by the time you get there.

Feel-Good Living on Johanniterstrasse

For families as well as for couples, singles and anyone who loves exercising, the quarter offers a great infrastructure. Children get to sleep a little longer in the morning because the nearest elementary school is just five minutes away. Not much farther to go is a vocational college on the opposite bank of the canal. Other schools and a variety of day-care centres are spread throughout the vicinity. The nearest hospital, Vivantes Klinikum am Urban, is only one kilometre from the house. Bielefelder Platz, which lies between a church and the central and state library, offers sprawling green areas suitable for a number of activities. The best place for a summertime picnic is probably Viktoriapark, which features a waterfall that gushes down from the Kreuzberg hilltop and is an easy bicycle ride of 2 kilometres away.

In general, it is safe to say that this canalside part of Kreuzberg counts among the most attractive areas anywhere in Berlin. The demand for condominiums as buy-to-let investment or for owner-occupancy is growing across Berlin, but nowhere more so than in the inner-city boroughs. Johanniterstrasse 3-6 offers ideal conditions for making your dream of a home in a scenic part of Kreuzberg come true.

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Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro