Kreuzberg: Liveability and Urban Diversity

CONDOMINIUM IN KREUZBERG: Living Your Life in One of Berlin’s Trendiest Districts

Welcome to Kreuzberg, one of several trendy growth districts, which has followed an upward trajectory for years. If you ranked Berlin’s districts by density of street-art and organic supermarkets, by the number of parks, museums, galleries, clubs, bars and cafés, Kreuzberg would surely claim one of the top spots. The district, which was merged with Friedrichshain to form a single borough in 2001, has always intrigued creative media professionals, bohemians, tourists, night-hawks, new arrivals, young and old. 

Named after an eponymous hill that is now part of Viktoriapark, Kreuzberg counts among the most open-minded and vibrant districts of Berlin, known particularly for its diversified cultural scene. Like Neukölln, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg, it is one of the most densely populated districts in the German capital. Its building fabric is defined by large, often carefully restored Belle Époque buildings of the maximum eaves height of 22 metres, leafy courtyards and often broad residential streets dotted with small parks. 

Condominiums in Kreuzberg are Embedded in Neighbourhood Culture and Greenery

While Kreuzberg marked the periphery of West-Berlin during the Cold War, it now lies in the heart of the city. It is therefore popular among those who appreciate urban greenery as found in the parklands of Görlitzer Park, Viktoriapark and Tempelhofer Feld without having to forgo the amenities of an inner-city location. You get to enjoy the scenic benefits of country living while remaining in touch with latest trends and city life. With its well-developed start-up scene, a broad-based creative industry and many new arrivals fully of ideas and energy to innovate anything from gastronomy to digitisation, the district has lately boasted sound economic performance indicators.

Indeed, Kreuzberg counts among the favourite residential areas among students, creative media professionals and even young families of the financially secure middle class. However, since new-build construction cannot keep up with the inflow of around 3,000 new residents annually, average rents in Kreuzberg increased by 7.2 percent last year alone, and are now at 11.90 euros per square metre. This has in turn made the option to acquire a condominium in Kreuzberg a sought alternative, be it for owner-occupancy or as buy-to-let investment.

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