FLAT IN KREUZBERG for Sale Near Landwehrkanal

Your Condominium in a Sought Location of Kreuzberg

Condominiums in Kreuzberg are extremely popular but hard to find. If you are looking to buy residential property, be it for owner-occupancy or as buy-to-let investment, you will be facing a situation of absolutely short supply in this boom district. While Kreuzberg is itself as popular as other inner-city districts such as Prenzlauer Berg, the areas along the banks of Landwehrkanal are preferred over others within Kreuzberg. Condominiums on Johanniterstrasse are located right inside this keenly sought-after residential location of Kreuzberg.

Welcome to the UNIQ at Johanniterstrasse 3-6, a multi-dwelling unit that combines high quality of location with modern home amenities. Soon, the ongoing façade refurbishment will make the building, which is shaped like a horseshoe, shine with a bright colour scheme that will present its modern language of form to advantage. The purist-classic design plan underlines its urban quality of living. Its spirit of clarity and urban ease is resumed inside the building. All of the flats come with balconies that may serve as a small green sanctuaries for private little breaks.

Condominiums in Kreuzberg: Auspicious and Sought-After

The condominiums at the UNIQ in Kreuzberg are designed to suit a variety of lifestyles. The layout solutions satisfy modern dwelling sizes that are actually in demand. The studio flats provide bright, well-proportioned feel-good accommodation on 41 to 57 square metres. Couples, families or indeed anyone craving some extra space will find enough room to spread out in the 2- and 3-bedroom flats, which range from 62 to 119 square metres. A particular highlight will be the spectacular view from the roof terraces of the flats of the recessed storey, which will be completed here in the end of 2022.

What further enhances the long-term prospects of a condominium on Johanniterstrasse is that you may rest assured of your continued mobility: The excellent transportation access in this location is complemented by the in-house mobility that a lift will provide. Your daily errands are further facilitated by dedicated car parking spots and new bicycle parking spaces. The grounds also give little ones the opportunity to romp around and to let their imagination run wild at the newly created playground. Investments into energy efficiency include the conversion of the heating system to condensing technology and the successive installation of new windows. In short, the parameters for a promising investment into your own future, be it as owner-occupier or as buy-to-let investor, are all in place on Johanniterstrasse in Kreuzberg. Here is your opportunity to ad homeownership as an important component to your retirement plan!

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